Used LINICON LV 660 #9070277 for sale

LV 660
ID: 9070277
Vacuum pump.
LINICON LV 660 is a single-stage axial flow pump designed for use in industrial and commercial applications, such as chemical processing, food and beverage production, and printing. It is made of aluminium alloy for superior strength and durability. The pump features heavy-duty bearings, engineered for low vibration and shock loads, while its non-clog impeller ensures minimal maintenance. This pump is capable of pumping liquids with a maximum viscosity of 300cp, a maximum flow of 14m³/h and a maximum head of 21m. This means it can operate on both hot and cold liquids and handle liquids with high solids content. The pump is also fitted with an adjustable backplate for easy installation. The pump is also designed with energy efficiency in mind. It uses a high efficiency impeller to provide high static efficiency for low energy consumption. It also features a constant rated speed motor for extremely smooth operations, which help to reduce costs compared to variable speed motors. The user-friendly design offers a simple and intuitive control panel and automatic protection against motor overloading, as well as automatic restart if the motor stopped unexpectedly due to a power failure. In addition, the pump is designed with safety and user convenience in mind. It features double mechanical seals, stainless steel fasteners and pressure relief valves for maximum protection. Finally, all components are coated in an abrasion-resistant epoxy to provide long-term corrosion protection. In conclusion, LV 660 is an adaptable single-stage axial pump that is perfect for industrial and commercial applications. It features adjustable features for installation and optimal performance. It is capable of pumping liquids with a maximum viscosity of 300cp, a maximum flow of 14m³/h, and a maximum head of 21m. With energy efficiency, user-friendly design and safety features, LINICON LV 660 is an excellent choice for your industrial and commercial pumping needs.
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