Used MARATHON 4VJ145TTOR5705AD #9092066 for sale

ID: 9092066
Electric exhaust blower 1740/1150 RPM FR-145T-95 With LM-8 Blower 200/230V, 3Ph, 5 to 2.9 Amps, 1/5 HP.
MARATHON 4VJ145TTOR5705AD is an industrial-grade, rotary vane pump engineered for clear fluid transfer in commercial applications. This pump oscillates an eccentrically-mounted vaned rotor within a sealed slot, providing excellent performance for a broad range of applications including petroleum, chemical, agricultural, and industrial processes. 4VJ145TTOR5705AD features a cast iron body and cover and stainless steel valve plates for durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term performance with minimal effort. The pump is also designed with a joggle-style design and integrated vanes flexing within the valve to minimize turbulence and heat loss. This also contributes to the pump's ability to operate wet or dry without seizing or overheating. MARATHON 4VJ145TTOR5705AD offers a high-flow rate and is capable of transferring up to 60 gallons per minute while operating at a maximum pressure of 150psi. Its unique design also reduces pulsation and provides smooth, reliable operation across a wide operating range, making it ideal for continuous duty applications. 4VJ145TTOR5705AD is further equipped with various safety features, including an over-pressure relief valve, a triple-seal arrangement on the bearing housing, and an integrated liquid-ring seal for protection against lack of lubrication or over-pressurization. This ensures safety and reliability in all applications. In addition, this pump is designed for easy maintenance and installation. The pump shaft connects to the U-joint coupling, which allows for a wide range of installations and eliminates the need for special alignment of the pump. The corrosion-resistant body also helps to reduce maintenance needs and prolong life. Overall, MARATHON 4VJ145TTOR5705AD is a reliable, high-performance pump designed to meet the needs of a range of industrial and commercial applications. It offers superior flow rate, safety, and flexibility to ensure optimal performance and dependability.
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