Used MARATHON 6VN182TTFR55 #124928 for sale

ID: 124928
Horizontal pump Material: PVC HP: 2 RPM: 3,435 Power requirements: 208-230/460V, 60Hz, 3-phase.
MARATHON 6VN182TTFR55 is a centrifugal pump designed to achieve high efficiency and long service life. This pump is built to accommodate a heavy-duty industrial applications. This pump has a 5hp motor, that is coupled with a vertical cartridge seal especially developed to increase the maximum pressure rating of this pump up to 175 psig. It features an impeller that is purposefully designed to prevent cavitation and continuous flow. 6VN182TTFR55 produces maximum flow of 225 GPM, with a maximum head of 400 feet. This pump also has a discharge temperature of 120°F (48.9°C) and comes with an enclosure class of 1 to provide additional protection against moisture and other environmental conditions. This incredibly robust pump has a frame hold down that can be easily adjusted and allows for the pump to be mounted with ease in a wide variety of locations. In addition, the seal assembly is designed to be easy to remove and service without removal of the pump from its mounting location. The seal is made of resilient PTFE to ensure reliability and a long life. Moreover, this pump is also notable for its low-noise operation, thanks to the careful selection of its electric motor. Notably, the stainless steel construction of MARATHON 6VN182TTFR55 ensures reliable corrosion protection, even in more humid and hostile industrial environments. Finally, the pump's ability to handle vertical and horizontal installation as well as other settings makes it perfect for different applications. Additionally, 6VN182TTFR55 is designed to ensure optimal design simplification, lower operation costs and easy integration into operation applications. This pump is clearly suited for applications in which efficiency and reliability are of the essential.
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