Used MD/TUTHILL 5511M68L27-5415 #9096832 for sale

ID: 9096832
Pump Displacement: CMH Type of oil: H/C Minimum size backing pump: CMH Motor power: Bare Shaft.
MD/TUTHILL 5511M68L27-5415 pump is a rotary vane type positive displacement pump designed for industrial, mining, and agricultural palatable water applications such as shallow well and booster service. It features a cast iron housing, bronze-alloy impeller, and a Viton® seal system for a reliable, long-lasting performance. The pump comes with a threaded inlet and outlet connection to ensure mechanical integrity and ease of installation. The rotary vane mechanism provides a smooth flow of liquid that can handle solids and other particulates in the water. The spring-loaded vanes reduce turbulence, allowing for lower operating rates and better performance. The high-strength housing allows the pump to operate in harsh, corrosive environments. The bronze-alloy impeller ensures the utmost efficiency and durability for increased total lifecycle savings. Its driven shaft is standard with a NEMA B motor design providing efficient, long-term use. The pump's Viton® seal system features multiple O-rings and an Santoprene® vent seal to keep out contaminants, dirt, and water. This reliable design prevents any leakage to the outside, ensuring that the pump operates at peak efficiency. MD 5511M68L27-5415 also features an integrated check valve to prevent water hammer from occurring and provides consistent operation. The motor cover is designed to provide weather protection and safety while operating in harsh environments. The large conduit knockouts provide easy access and convenience for mounting and electrical wiring. The pump can operate on 115V or 230V with different type of motors available as well. Overall, TUTHILL 5511M68L27-5415 pump offers reliable, energy-efficient, and corrosion-resistant operation with its rotary vane mechanism, Viton® seal system, and durable cast iron construction. Its integrated check valve and motor cover provide long-term service in harsh environments, making it an ideal option for pumping of palatable water for industrial, mining, and agricultural applications.
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