Used MD/TUTHILL 90-3210 #9081130 for sale

MD/TUTHILL 90-3210
ID: 9081130
Pump 400 CFM direct drive.
MD/TUTHILL 90-3210 is a rotary lobe positive displacement pump. It is designed for continuous duty in both industrial and commercial environments. This efficient pump features a high tolerance for temperatures, pressures, and viscosities and is able to handle a variety of liquids of up to 1,000 cP. It is constructed with hard iron bodies, aluminum housings and is available in either direct coupled or belt driven configurations. The lobes are precision-machined and its internals are fitted with counter-rotating lobe pairs that form a tightly sealed chamber. This chamber minimizes short circuiting and allows for superior volumetric efficiency and elimination of dead spots. Additionally, its precision laser balanced and hardened shafts minimize vibration and ensure its long-term reliability. MD 90-3210 features a universal motor mount pattern that can be adapted to be used with most motors. It has a maximum flow rate of 55 gpm and a maximum pressure rating of 160 psi. It has a compact design that allows for easy installation and servicing without the need for additional support structure. The pump's housing and style ensures low maintenance with no need for lubrication and its internals are designed for maximum efficiency and are resistant to clogging. It is designed to be used with clog-resistant particles up to 3/32" which further enhances its versatility. This lightweight, reliable pump also features a two-piece design that is easily disassembled for cleaning and inspections. This makes it easy to inspect, modify, replace, or upgrade parts as needed. TUTHILL 90-3210 is designed to be corrosion-resistant and suitable for long-term use in both industrial and commercial applications. As a result, it is a highly efficient, cost-effective, and durable pump that provides superior performance at an affordable price.
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