Used MD/TUTHILL 90-4009 #9081131 for sale

MD/TUTHILL 90-4009
ID: 9081131
Pump 540 CFM w/o motor.
MD/TUTHILL 90-4009 is a low flow centrifugal pump that utilizes air-driven operation to move fluids at high pressures. This pump is non-self-priming and has a maximum pressure capacity of 400 PSI and a flow rate of 18 to 40 GPM (gallons per minute). This pump has a corrosion-resistant construction due to its stainless steel body and pump casing. Additionally, its mechanical seal is constructed with carbon and ceramic and is resistant to corrosion and abrasive particles. The design of MD 90-4009 is relatively simple, and it has many features to make maintenance and repairs easier. For instance, the pump has an internal filter to improve fluid suction, and the motor mounts directly onto the pump casing, eliminating the need for external piping. Additionally, each component is easily removable for repairs, and its mechanical seal can be replaced without dismantling the pump or unrolling the motor. This pump can be controlled by either a manual dial or an electric switch locally located on the pump unit. The manual control enables the user to adjust the speed easily. It also features a built-in pressure regulator that allows the user to reduce pressure in the system without having to adjust the motor speed. Additionally, its pressure control is adjustable and can be preset to stop at a specific outlet pressure or used to maintain the pressure at a predetermined level. TUTHILL 90-4009 is a versatile and reliable solution for transferring high-pressure fluids. Its stainless steel body and corrosion-resistant mechanical seal protect the internal components from abrasive particles and hostile environments. Additionally, its simple design makes repairs and maintenance easy, and its adjustable pressure control lets the user control flow and pressure with ease.
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