Used MILTON ROY 4132 #184125 for sale

ID: 184125
Compressor Maximum Suction press: 470 psig Maximum discharge press: 505 psig Operating speed: 310 Final test run time: 8 hrs @ Ps 465 psig and Pd 505 psig.
MILTON ROY 4132 is a rotary gear pump that is designed for high viscosity pumping applications. This unit is constructed with a sturdy cast iron body, making it ideal for use in industrial settings where durability is of the utmost importance. It is designed to seamlessly interface with other pump components, allowing for an efficient transfer of liquids from one place to another. The pump is capable of being used in volumes up to 11,000 US gallons per hour, and at maximum pressure of up to 250 PSI. 4132 is driven by an alternating current motor, allowing for smooth and consistent operation. This motor is highly efficient, using 98.6% of the motor's energy output directly to power the pump. In order to ensure optimal performance, the motor is designed to re-adjust speeds according to changes in pressure or viscosity. The speed range is adjustable from 1800 to 3600 RPM. This model is designed with three shaft seals, ensuring that all liquids are kept securely contained within the internals of the pump. The first seal is located between the motor and pump housing, and the second is between the pump rotor and body. The third is located in the inner pump chamber and works as an additional layer of protection against the transfer of liquids. For ease of maintenance, MILTON ROY 4132 is equipped with a self-lubricating bearing that requires no manual greasing. Additionally, the pump is fitted with an adjustable inlet strainer which is designed to reduce clogging and maintain efficient flow rates. Although this pump is intended for more robust industrial applications, it is also possible to use 4132 in residential settings. This model is easy to install and can be used to transfer a variety of viscosity liquids such as home heating oil, industrial lubricants, and more. It is designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, making it a reliable yet cost-effective solution for the array of different liquid transfer needs.
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