Used MILTON ROY 4L-213132 #184124 for sale

MILTON ROY 4L-213132
ID: 184124
Compressor Maximum Suction press: 10 psig Maximum discharge press: 505 psig Operating speed: 310 Final test run time: 8 hrs @ Ps 5.3 psig and Pd 505 psig.
MILTON ROY 4L-213132 is a highly reliable centrifugal pump designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This pump features robust construction and features a reliable, low-friction bearing arrangement that enables longer bearing life, ideal for both continuous duty and short-term applications. 4L-213132 features an ashless, heavy-duty construction that can handle the extreme pressure and temperature materials often encountered in industrial and commercial environments. The pump's flexible impeller design includes dual-flow channels that maximize flow efficiency and minimize wear and tear on the impeller. This design allows for a consistent level of flow throughout the operational range and minimizes turbulence and friction. Additionally, the housing and motor mounting bracket allow for easy installation and removal, making maintenance and service simple. The pump is designed to fit various standard mounting patterns, creating a versatile and dependable mechanical solution for a variety of applications. MILTON ROY 4L-213132 is powered by a 120v motor, providing a maximum flow rate of 20 GPM at 2,000 rpm. This allows for wide-ranging operation and optimal material transport. It's also backed by a three-year limited warranty, offering peace of mind for a long-term investment. 4L-213132 is a reliable, cost-effective centrifugal pump ideal for dealing with extreme temperatures, corrosion, and wear, making it a great choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
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