Used MILTON ROY CLCS-1000 #184127 for sale

ID: 184127
Closed loop cooling system Max heat load: 50,000 btu/hr Max compressor HP: 40 HP Coolant: Water/glycol Max coolant flow: 15 GPM Max head: 73 ft. System fluid vol: 2 Gal Fan/pump speed: 2760 Rpm Instruments: TG (in), TG (out), PG Safety: PRV MOC: Bronze, Al Connections: 1" (in), 1" (out) NPT System power: 1-1/2 HP Electrical load: 2.6 amps @ 460 V, 3 Phase Controls: On/off switch Area classification: General purpose.
MILTON ROY CLCS-1000 centrifugal magnetic drive pump, or simply MILTON ROY C LCS-1000 pump, is an efficient and reliable pump developed for industrial applications. Its advanced design and construction, as well as its superior performance and high quality components, make CLCS-1000 an ideal option for challenging and demanding industrial applications. MILTON ROY CLCS-1000 pump is built for maximum performance, equipped with both a durable impeller and an extended cavity for efficiency. Its non-metallic liquid-end construction ensures maximum chemical compatibility, making it well-suited to acidic and corrosive environments. CLCS-1000 is designed to provide high flow rates and features a patented high-efficiency design with a wide range of sizes available, making it a robust and reliable solution even at low flows. MILTON ROY CLCS-1000 can also be upgraded with a wide range of options, including a motor-mounted speedometer and motor-speed control valve. This pump also offers the choice between a flanged or threaded inlet, enabling CLCS-1000 to be configured for customers' specific applications. In addition to its superior performance, MILTON ROY CLCS-1000 is engineered for durability. Its robust construction provides excellent protection against dirt and weathering, ensuring reliable operation in tough environments. CLCS-1000 also includes an environmental protection device that isolates the pump from moisture, preventing failures and ensuring reliable operation. With a long service life and the added benefits of low maintenance requirements and minimal noise emissions, MILTON ROY CLCS-1000 is the perfect choice for industrial applications where robust and reliable performance is necessary. Its superior design and premium components make CLCS-1000 a reliable pump that can handle various industrial and commercial applications. Furthermore, its excellent workmanship and reliable performance ensure customers receive a high-quality pump that is made to last.
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