Used MILTON ROY MCH321-8HPCCEM1SEST11NN11 #184121 for sale

ID: 184121
Pump Rated flow: 181.00 GPH @ 600 PSI 685.16 LPH @ 42.18 kg/sq. cm 685.16 LPH @ 41.37 Bar Test results: Average flow (GPH): 203.3500 Average flow (LPH): 769.7611 Repetitive accuracy (%): 99.9164 Drive data: Horsepower: Test motor Motor voltage: 460 V Supply type: 3 Phase Frequency: 60 Hz.
MILTON ROY MCH321-8HPCCEM1SEST11NN11 is an electric driven centrifugal seal-less pump from MILTON ROY. The pump offers a clean and safe operation with its permanently sealed motors, eliminating the need of packing or mechanical seals. It provides high pressure capabilities of up to 21bar for demanding applications, such as high temperatures and challenging liquids. The pump also provides excellent suction performance, enabling it to accommodate high viscosity fluids up to 3000cPs. The maximum flow rate for this pump is 184 l/min and its maximum working temperature is 155°C. MCH321-8HPCCEM1SEST11NN11 is constructed from stainless steel and reinforced composite materials, providing superior performance and reliability. The pump is equipped with a variable speed drive, giving users the option to adjust the motor speed when necessary. The pump is also equipped with an EMC filter, providing an essential level of protection against electromagnetic interference. The EMC filter ensures the motor will not be affected by electrical noise generated by the surrounding environment. MILTON ROY MCH321-8HPCCEM1SEST11NN11 features a built-in priming equipment that helps improve suction performance, reducing the risk of cavitation, and a self-venting system which prevents air and gasses from building up in the positive inlet port. The self-venting feature also helps reduce air and gas entrapment in the discharge, making it easier to install the pump. The pump is also compatible with a wide range of peripheral components, including strainers, filters, non-return valves, and safety valves, allowing users to customize the pump to their specific needs. MCH321-8HPCCEM1SEST11NN11 is also designed for easy maintenance, with easily removable components for cleaning and inspection. The pump also comes with an integrated diagnostic unit, providing users with real-time information on their machine's performance. Overall, MILTON ROY MCH321-8HPCCEM1SEST11NN11 is an excellent pump for a variety of industrial applications with its high pressure capabilities, superior construction, and wide compatibility with peripheral components. Its features and benefits make it an excellent choice for those looking to ensure reliable and safe operation.
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