Used MILTON ROY MilRoyal B #135207 for sale

MilRoyal B
ID: 135207
Vintage: 1994
Metering pump with disc diaphragm liquid end Specifications: 1.5HP, 1725RPM, 3-phase, 60Hz Liquid pumped: jet fuel Capacity / pressure: 20.9 GPH: 1500 Suction pressure: flooded Maximum temperature: 100°F Type liquid end: disc diaphragm Stroke length: 1.5 Stroke adjustment: micrometer Frame size: B Plunger diameter: 7/8" Strokes per minute: 113 Diaphragm head: 316SS Seats: 316SS Diaphragm: Teflon Cartridge body: 316SS Ball valves: 316SS Packing Suction/discharge Internal relief valve setting: 1725 psig Instruction manuals 1994 vintage.
MILTON ROY MilRoyal B is a fixed-speed centrifugal pump commonly used in industrial, chemical, and water processing applications. This model is designed and manufactured by MILTON ROY, a company established in 1937 and specialized in producing advanced pumping systems. MilRoyal B features an open-coupled design for avoiding the need for heavy and expensive mounting bases, an adjustable impeller for improved efficiency, and a pressure-balanced bearingsystem to reduce vibrations and noise. The body of MILTON ROY MilRoyal B is made up of cast iron with a nickel-plated bronze impeller. The shaft is also made of hefty materials and fitted into a single bearing carriage and sleeve to reduce power loss and temperature effect. Furthermore, the connection tubing is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh working conditions. MilRoyal B is equipped with concentric and compact single-entry, axial split volute casing, and semi-open impeller. This casing shape enhances the efficiency of the pump. The impeller is designed with backward blades and suction branches for improved performance and maximum suction capacity. The single-entry and concentric volute gives an extra advantage, since it ensures an even flow rate over the entire operating life, allowing for greater reliability and controllability. MILTON ROY MilRoyal B features a V-belt drive, which allows for quick and simple maintenance in case of breakdown or repair. This isolation system minimizes the transmission of noise and vibrations from the motor. The circulating lubrication system provides long-lasting protection from wear and tear, and it is also very energy efficient. MilRoyal B is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective choice for pumping applications in industrial, chemical and water processing applications. The robust construction of its components ensures a long and reliable service life, and its adjustable impeller makes it easy to adapt to changing conditions. The single-entry and concentric volute casing provides evenly distributed flux, and the V-belt drive provides smooth functioning, low maintenance and quiet operation.
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