Used MKS 253A #9072377 for sale

ID: 9072377
Vacuum valve Stainless steel throttle valve (4) Holes OD 7.5 " ID 4" BC 6".
MKS 253A is a Maglev-type cryogenic diaphragm pump that allows for the use of a lightweight, powerful and compact design while generating high pumping performance at the same time. This makes it suitable for a variety of industrial cryogenic processing applications. The pump features a robustly constructed body which consists of an inlet, an outlet flange inlet, a magnetic diaphragm and a spring coil. All these components are designed for usage with cryogenic fluids and other corrosive media, providing a high degree of safety and reliability. The pump body cooperates with a magnetic bearing assembly which provides high magnetic fields and low hysteresis for preventing any wobbling or external vibrations. The pump operates at a maximum pressure of 700 psig and a maximum temperature of -90°C/-130°F. It also has a wide speed range from 0-3000rpm making it highly efficient. It is capable of generating a flow rate of up to 40 liters per minute, depending on the flow rate of the fluid. It utilizes an efficient design which results in low noise emission and low power consumption. This makes it a perfect fit for many industrial processes. The pump also features a wide suction port which helps in accommodating a range of gases and liquid which help in providing continuity in fluid flow. It also has a low maintenance design, with the bearings being sealed against contamination and easy to replace when needed. The pump is also designed for easy installation in tight spaces. Its compact size and light weight allows for installation even in space-restricted places. It is also ideal for high cleanliness applications, as the diaphragm helps in keeping the operation clean and safe from unwanted substances. These features make MKS 253 A an excellent choice for cryogenic industrial applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing, food storage, transport of medical and biological samples, and other applications. Its efficient and durable design ensures longer life and reliable operation.
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