Used NEPTUNE 567-S-N4 #9092835 for sale

ID: 9092835
Proportioning pumps GE 5KH36PNA634X motor.
NEPTUNE 567-S-N4 is a high-quality submersible pump designed for small to medium-sized applications. This pump is constructed with cast iron for superior durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for both home and commercial use. The pump is relatively compact and lightweight, allowing for easy transport and installation. 567-S-N4 is powered by a 1 horsepower motor and capable of pumping up to 320 GPH at a 10-foot head. This allows for quick and efficient water removal, great for draining water from showers, basements, or ponds. The motor is connected to a seal-less mechanical seal, helping to reduce energy costs and provide optimal and reliable performance. This pump is built with a 2-inch female NPT discharge featuring an ejector flapper valve that helps reduce water hammer and cavitation. The pump also includes a clear impeller which offers excellent visibility for identification of debris and particles that may have gotten into the system. NEPTUNE 567-S-N4 utilizes epoxy filled motor windings for improved heat dissipation and insulation. The liquid is then cooled by a thermally protected motor which helps to run the pump at an optimum temperature range and extend its lifespan. This pump is also designed with a bottom-inlet strainer to help reduce clogging and internal wear on the pump. This strainer also has an 180-degree self-cleaning elbow for easy installation and cleaning. 567-S-N4 also has a pressure control switch which can be used to limit the pressure of the pump. Overall, NEPTUNE 567-S-N4 is a great choice for a wide variety of applications. It is constructed with cast iron for superior durability and longevity, features a 1 HP motor, and offers convenient features such as a clear impeller, epoxy filled motor windings, and a bottom-inlet strainer. This is all backed by a sealed mechanical seal which helps prolong the life of the pump and reduce energy costs.
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