Used NETZSCH BE20M #171284 for sale

ID: 171284
Pump Pneumatic tank emptying 20-50 liter barrels 2007 vintage.
NETZSCH BE20M is a high-performance diaphragm pump designed for the continuous, efficient and reliable delivery of a wide range of liquids, gels and slurries. Specifically designed for critical and high-purity applications, it offers exceptional performance and a wide range of flexibility in operation. This makes it an optimum choice for any facility requiring fluid transfer in research, production and industrial applications. BE20M is powered by a brushless DC motor that features a maintenance-free, highly reliable and efficient design. It provides a low-noise environment and operates quietly below 55 dB(A). The pump head is constructed of corrosion-resistant steel, making it suitable for a wide range of chemical applications. Its diaphragm is made of PTFE with a high resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, and also features excellent wear and tear performance. This ensures a long service life of the pump. The pumping capacity of NETZSCH BE20M can be easily adjusted from 0.05 to 24 liters per hour with a wide range of power input options. The pump also offers various pressure and flow control options allowing for extremely precise, repeatable performance and accurate delivery. Its hygienically designed structure guarantees outstanding processes conditions and a low-maintenance operation. In addition, BE20M is a robust and reliable pump with a proven track record of successful applications of transferring critical samples in the laboratory environment. Overall, NETZSCH BE20M is an ideal choice for transferring and metering of liquids, gels and slurries in the most demanding applications. Its versatile performance and high dependability makes it the perfect solution for any facility that requires a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective pump.
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