Used NEW YORK BLOWER 4000 CFM #178031 for sale

4000 CFM
ID: 178031
Vintage: 2005
Exhaust fan, 10 HP, Class 2 Square D Class 1 50A Combination Motor Starter/Controller 10 HP Baldor Motor. Shutter at the output for flow control Stainless Adapter piece is mounted on the output, necking down to a 12" Duct Connection The input Connection Flange has a input guard From outside edge of the flange it measures about 21" The input area is about 18" 2005 vintage.
NEW YORK BLOWER 4000 CFM is a powerful industrial-grade rotary blower that is designed to provide superior air movement and reliable operation. This pump offers superior performance in a variety of applications, including commercial exhaust systems, breweries, and many other industrial processes. The pump offers a strong and reliable motor that is made of copper stator windings and is thermally protected against temperature fluctuation and overload. This motor provides reliable and efficient operation at both single and multiple speed applications for maximum efficiency. In addition, this powerful pump provides quiet operation with low vibration due to its unique slinger plate and bearing design. 4000 CFM features a rugged and corrosion-resistant housing that is machined from durable aluminum, making it an ideal candidate for even the most corrosive industrial applications. The heavy duty housing comes with an externally accessible oil drain, making maintenance a breeze. The pump includes a complete mainframe with flanges for easy installation of the inlet and outlet piping. Additionally, the pump incorporates an internal belt guard for added safety and to protect the motor from dust and debris. The discharge pressure range of this pump is 0-8 inches of water column, making it ideal for applications that require a large amount of pressure. Additionally, NEW YORK BLOWER 4000 CFM is designed to meet regulatory requirements and is UL listed, ensuring that it will meet the safety and performance standards. Overall, 4000 CFM is a dependable and efficient rotary blower that provides superior performance and reliability. Its durable construction and reliable motor provide reliable and efficient operation in both single and multiple speed applications. This pump features a corrosion-resistant housing and an internal belt guard that makes it ideal for industrial applications. Finally, its discharge pressure range makes this pump a great option for applications that need a large amount of pressure.
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