Used OERLIKON / LEYBOLD Dryvac Champion 5000 Special #9077378 for sale

ID: 9077378
Vintage: 2012
Dry pumps 3800 m³/h 5x10^-4 mbar 2012 vintage.
OERLIKON / LEYBOLD Dryvac Champion 5000 Special is a high performance and reliable dry rotary vane vacuum pump. It is a part of the integrally geared family of vacuum pumps and is designed to provide optimum performance in demanding industrial applications. It offers high efficiency levels due to its 12-stage radial counterflow cooling system and twin-stroke vane design. The Champion also features LEYBOLD Class III dry lubrication system, which helps to reduce maintenance costs and improve pump life. The Champion 5000 Special is capable of delivering extremely high pumping speeds for short pump down times, as well as very low ultimate pressures to produce clean and dry results. The Dryvac technology used in the pump enables it to achieve pressure levels up to 1x10-3 mbar with ultimate pressure. The optimized drive concept reduces noise output and the axial oil separation prevents over-oiling or oil spilling problems at the exhaust connection. LEYBOLD Dryvac Champion 5000 Special is equipped with a reliable, pressure-controlled oil separator, ensuring an almost oil free pumping of dry gases. A large oil reservoir ensures a sufficient oil supply, and the high quality separator ensures superior oil separation with a long running time without the need for maintenance or exchange of parts. OERLIKON Dryvac Champion 5000 Special is also equipped with a vacuum gauge and a cooling fan with temperature switch for additional safety. A wide range of accessories is available, including vacuum and inlet flanges, adapters and connectors. Additionally, the dry pump also features a OERLIKON Smooth (LSS) option, which allows for an optimized balance between pressure stability and ultimate pressure. To ensure maximum efficiency, the Champion 5000 Special utilizes an efficient hydro-dynamic element for its rotor assembly. This ensures maximum air displacement with minimal power consumption and maintenance. The rugged design of the pump also makes it ideal for using in harsh and high temperature environments. Overall, Dryvac Champion 5000 Special is an excellent choice for extremely demanding industrial applications which require a reliable vacuum pump. It offers highly efficient performance, superior oil separation and a low maintenance system. With its many features and intuitive controls, it's sure to provide superb results for any project.
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