Used OERLIKON / LEYBOLD HERAEUS 1000C #9083154 for sale

ID: 9083154
Turbo pump.
OERLIKON / LEYBOLD HERAEUS 1000C is a dry pump designed for use in the vacuum environment of industrial and scientific equipment. It is a single-stage, reciprocating rotary convertible unit composed of a piston and a cylinder. The system is equipped with low-speed permanent magnet direction asynchronous motors and relies on a unique, combined electron storage/magnetic circuit breaker for protection of the drive electronics, motor, and pump. This pump is designed for heavy-duty operations and is capable of producing a vacuum of up to 10-1 mbar or torr at speeds up to 600 rpm. The unique design of OERLIKON 1000C provides efficient operation with high reliability in hazardous atmospheres. The product features an air-cooled oil-free motor, an oversized cylinder and a direct-drive without gears. The motor power is centralized towards the top of the motor, and an airtight seal is formed between the piston and cylinder interior to reduce leakage rates. Additionally, multiple safety and monitoring features are integrated into the design, including an electronic variable speed controller that can be used to adjust the pump speed. When the temperature of the unit exceeds certain limits, a thermostat will disconnect the motor to avoid overheating. LEYBOLD HERAEUS 1000C is a compact, lightweight device and can be easily installed and operated within a wide variety of industrial and scientific vacuum systems. It features an exhaust purge port for maximum efficiency and a noise level of less than 68 dB(A) at both pumping and idle modes. Overall, 1000C is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-operate pump designed to provide superior performance in the most demanding vacuum environments. With its durability, reliability, high pumping speeds, and quiet operation, it is a great option for those looking for a reliable vacuum system.
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