Used OSAKA TG 1000VW #144629 for sale

TG 1000VW
ID: 144629
Turbo pump Includes: Turbo Controller Cables Manuals Oil Currently in OEM packaging.
OSAKA TG 1000VW is a single-stage, high volume pump designed for pumping large volumes of fluid in a range of applications such as fuel delivery, chemical dosing, and wastewater management. Its 1000 litre/min pumping capacity enables it to handle the most demanding of applications, while its flexible design is capable of achieving a wide range of pressure, flow and head requirements. TG 1000VW pump is constructed from high-grade cast iron, steel and stainless steel components, allowing it to withstand the toughest operating conditions. Its rugged construction ensures energy efficiency, high durability, and reliable performance. The pump features a compact design with a compact direct drive motor. This enables the pump to be mounted in limited spaces, as well as providing a lower power requirement for its operation. Its advanced impeller design and robust construction allows it to provide the required flow capacity and pressure levels. For operation, the pump features a variety of controls for settings such as speed of rotation, motor performance, and motor direction. This allows the user to fine-tune their requirements to ensure reliable and consistent performance. The pump is designed to be easy to maintain and service, with simple access to replaceable components. All wear parts are easily replaceable, and its design allows it to comply with a range of industry standards. OSAKA TG 1000VW is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial pumping applications, such as fuel delivery, wastewater management and chemical dosing. Its robust construction and advanced design ensures reliable and efficient performance, and its compact design means it can be installed in limited spaces.
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