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TG 1133EM
ID: 137631
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OSAKA TG 1133EM is a stainless steel centrifugal pump that is specifically designed and manufactured for transferring highly viscous and solid laden fluids, making it especially suitable for hygiene and sanitary operations. This robust model is perfect for various applications including industrial and municipal use, as well as being highly efficient when transferring food-grade liquids, such as beer and other beverages. TG 1133EM features a cast stainless pump body and volute, with a threaded inlet and outlet connection. It is powered by a three phase motor with a power range of 1.1KW to 15KW, which provides excellent pump performance. This model comes with a standard mechanical seal for leak-proof operation, however a selection of other seals are available upon request. OSAKA TG 1133EM is designed for applications where the deliveryhead is required to exceed 22 metres and the flow rate must reach 11m3/h. Thanks to its open impeller design, this model is ideal for pumping liquids containing soft solids, in addition to handling high viscosity liquids. The hydraulic system of the pump is designed to reduce resistance, resulting in increased efficiency and lower power consumption. TG 1133EM is highly compact and operates quietly, making it optimal for use in areas with limited space. Additionally, the pump offers excellent protection against any dry running and overloading, thanks to its motor protection device, with an integrated electronic overload protector, and a mechanical seal protection system. OSAKA TG 1133EM is incredibly easy to use and maintain, featuring an adjustable support with stain-resistant bolts, an efficient cleaning system, and an advanced draining channels to reduce dripping fluid. It is also equipped with a convenient priming liquid filter to protect the pump's components while in operation. This model comes with the necessary spare parts and installation tools in order to ensure convenient and seamless setup. All in all, TG 1133EM is an ideal pump for transferring thick, viscous and solid-filled liquids, making it perfect for industrial, municipal and many other food-grade applications. This reliable and efficient model offers a number of features to provide protection against dry running and overloading, making it an excellent choice for many applications.
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