Used OSAKA TG 1300VW-80 #181701 for sale

TG 1300VW-80
ID: 181701
Vintage: 1995
Pump 1995 vintage.
OSAKA TG 1300VW-80 is a high-power, variable-speed volute pump designed to supply pressurized fluids in a variety of industrial applications. This pump is exceptionally powerful, boasting of a maximum power rating of up to 80 KW and a maximum flow rate of up to 1600 m3/h. Its versatility makes it suitable for pumping fluids with a wide range of properties such as fresh and sea water, hot water, and various types of oil. TG 1300VW-80 is equipped with several advanced features that make it a reliable choice for any industrial application. To start, it boasts a closed-coupled shaft that provides a high degree of torque and exceptional durability, even under heavy loads. In addition, it has an adjustable speed that allows for extreme flow and pressure control. This pump can be operated at both high and low speeds for maximum efficiency, making it ideal for fluid control in a wide range of industrial applications. The pump is also frequently chosen for its corrosion resistance, thanks to its reinforced construction. The wear plate and mechanical seals of the pump are made from high quality materials that can handle heavy-duty usage and are also resistant to corrosion and abrasion. This makes OSAKA TG 1300VW-80 a great option for areas where corrosive fluids are handled on a regular basis. In addition, the built-in thermal overload protection ensures a safe operation in cases of extreme heat or overload. This added feature prevents excessive fatigue of the motor by limiting its operations and providing a constant, stable environment. This makes the pump well suited for high-pressure applications. Finally, TG 1300VW-80 is easy to maintain thanks to its oil bath construction. This ensures that the lubrication is evenly distributed and the seal is protected from environmental contaminants. In addition, this pump is designed with a modular system, which allows for easy and efficient maintenance. From high-powered performance to its various safety features, OSAKA TG 1300VW-80 is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial applications. Its durability and versatility make it a reliable and efficient choice for any job.
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