Used OSAKA TG 2003M #9083164 for sale

TG 2003M
ID: 9083164
Turbo pump.
OSAKA TG 2003M is an industrial grade pump that is designed to handle rigorous applications. It has heavy duty cast iron construction with a maximum capacity of 50 GPM and up to 10 bar of pressure. The pump has a wide variety of features that make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. OSAKA TG2003M comes with a three-phase induction motor, and a variety of optional features such as electric start, variable speed, mechanical seal, and a built-in thermal overload protection device. TG 2003 M has a fully adjustable inlet/outlet, allowing for greater flexibility when installing the pump in multiple configurations. The pump is designed with low NPSH characteristics, meaning it has excellent air consumption, allowing it to be used in applications with limited water supply. The motor features overload protection, making the pump highly reliable and secure against motor burnout. Further, the pump has a built-in thermal overload protection device, ensuring the motor continues to run safely and efficiently even in high stress environments, such as those experienced in industrial pumping systems. The motor is also protected with a double mechanical seal, and the pump is made to provide long life with minimal maintenance. Further, TG2003M is also compliant with ISO and JIS standards, making it a reliable option for an industrial application. The pump also features auto-start/stop functionality, meaning you can easily start and stop it remotely or even start it automatically with a timer. OSAKA TG 2003 M is the perfect choice for industrial applications where reliability and safety are paramount. It's robust construction, adjustable inlet/outlet, low NPSH characteristics, and its dual protection feature make it an unbeatable choice for a variety of industrial environments. With its powerful motor, adjustable inlet/outlet, and compliance with JIS and ISO standards, TG 2003M is the perfect choice for ensuring reliable and safe industrial pump operation.
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