Used OSAKA TG 370M #147558 for sale

TG 370M
ID: 147558
Turbo pump.
OSAKA TG 370M pump is a heavy-duty, reliable, and efficient pump designed to provide lower operating costs and provide superior performance in a variety of environments. Its engineered design features a powerful, high-efficiency, permanent magnet motor drive, allowing it to pump fluids of up to 370 m³/hr, with a maximum pressure of 7 bar (g). This combination of power and performance makes TG 370M pump suitable for a wide range of targeted applications, including those for high temperature and pressure, as well as any requiring a tight control of flow. The pump's advanced stability and robust construction make it suitable for operations involving abrasive or aggressive liquids, while its combination of durability and low noise levels makes it perfect for use in quiet environments. Additionally, OSAKA TG 370M provides maximum wear resistance, allowing it to work efficiently in even the harshest conditions and extending its operating life. TG 370M pump includes a variety of features that increase its overall efficiency, such as its hydraulic impeller, impurity filter, and wear- and corrosion-resistant components. This filter maintains the optimum flow rate and pressure, while the premium mechanical seal provides maximum sealing in difficult and hazardous environments. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant body ensures it can withstand even the most aggressive conditions. For those in need of additional protection, OSAKA TG 370M pump can be equipped with protection devices such as a relief valve, an overpressure switch, an environmentally friendly seal, or an internal pressure-regulating valve. These devices are essential for preventing damage to the pump in case of excess pressure or other problems. In conclusion, TG 370M pump is a powerful, reliable and efficient device, which is suitable for a wide range of applications and features a variety of features that increase efficiency and safety. It is perfect for those requiring high performance and durability in tough conditions.
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