Used OSAKA TG 390MCWB #9083163 for sale

ID: 9083163
Turbo pump.
OSAKA TG 390MCWB pump is a centrifugal pump manufactured by OSAKA Manufacturing, a leader in centrifugal pump technology. It is specifically designed for high pressure applications, and is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater. TG 390MCWB is a medium robust single-stage pump. It is back pull-out design, which means that the impeller can be removed from the pump without having to open the pump case. This makes maintenance and repair much easier. The robust construction of the pump ensures that it can resists corrosion, wear and tear better than pumps made of other materials. OSAKA TG 390MCWB features a closed impeller and has an optimum efficiency range of 5 to 8m3/h. The pump is extremely compact, allowing it to fit easily in small confined spaces, and its higher suction capacity makes it ideal for situations where the pumping liquid has abrasive particles. TG 390MCWB also features a tandem mechanical seal for better sealing performance, which is crucial in high-pressure applications. OSAKA TG 390MCWB has an adjustable function, which allows users to adjust the level of pressure for their application. It also has a thermowell for monitoring the pump's temperature, for improved safety and reliability. TG 390MCWB runs on an AC induction motor, which is highly energy efficient, and can run up to 400rpm. Overall, OSAKA TG 390MCWB is a reliable and cost-effective centrifugal pump, suitable for extreme conditions and applications. It is easy to install, maintain and repair, whilst providing superior performance over other pumps. It is efficient, durable, and can provide reliable operation in the most demanding environments.
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