Used OSAKA TG 551 #181700 for sale

TG 551
ID: 181700
Turbo pump.
OSAKA TG 551 is a robust, reliable, and powerful pump designed for industrial applications. Its compact design makes it perfect for tight spaces, and its versatile capabilities make it ideal for transfer, pressurizing, and pumping applications. TG 551 is powered by a high-performance motor that provides up to 4.6 horsepower and up to 7,000 RPM, allowing it to handle a wide range of fluids. Its single-stage centrifugal force ensures pumping efficiency and dependability. Its cast iron body and stainless steel construction provide ample protection and durability. OSAKA TG 551 also boasts an internal oil containment design to keep any leaks safely contained inside the pump body. Additionally, this pump is designed to prevent corrosive fluids from accessing internal parts. It features a balanced impeller, a piston seal and thrust bearings, and a rotodynamic bearing for smooth and efficient operation. TG 551 has a maximum flow rate of 600 gallons per minute, and a maximum head of 215 feet. It can also handle temperatures ranging from -60°C to +50°C, making it suitable for a variety of applications. OSAKA TG 551 also includes several convenient features for operation. Its mechanical seal features carbon, ceramic, and titanium components, providing further protection against corrosion. Additionally, its four port connection allows users to connect suction and discharge lines without having to modify the pump housing. TG 551 is designed to be incredibly versatile and reliable. Its robust motor, durable housing, and dependable operation make it the ideal choice for a range of industrial methods and applications.
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