Used OSAKA TS 443BW-08 #9083160 for sale

TS 443BW-08
ID: 9083160
Turbo pump.
OSAKA TS 443BW-08 is a single stage centrifugal pump designed to pump large volumes of liquid with a high level of efficiency. The pump is ideally suited for both industrial and agricultural applications. Constructed with cast iron and aluminum components, TS 443BW-08 is built for durability and longevity. This pump utilizes a radial flow impeller, which is designed to create a low-pressure zone in the center of the impeller. This allows for high amounts of liquid to be moved through the pump in the most efficient manner possible. OSAKA TS 443BW-08 can handle flows up to a maximum of 922 gallons per minute, with a maximum head pressure of 245 feet. Allowing for efficient operation in a variety of conditions, TS 443BW-08 is a great solution for commercial and industrial applications. OSAKA TS 443BW-08 is capable of servicing a wide range of liquids, including atmospheric, mineral, and sea water, as well as chemicals, and even corrosives. This makes it especially suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Additionally, the pump is designed to work with minimal vibration and noise, making it easier to install in confined spaces. In terms of safety, TS 443BW-08 is designed for maximum protection with its leakproof seal and a high level of resistance against burning or electrical arcing. Furthermore, the power input is designed to reduce power consumption while simultaneously increasing motor life and overall performance. OSAKA TS 443BW-08 is also rated to work between temperatures of 17°C and 54°C, making it suitable for a variety of applications in different climates. TS 443BW-08 is a well designed, durable pump that is capable of providing high efficiency performance in a number of applications. With its robust design and efficient operation, it is sure to provide long lasting and trouble free operation for a variety of liquid pumping needs. This is an affordable, reliable, and powerful pump that is built for success.
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