Used OSAKA TS443 #147559 for sale

ID: 147559
Turbo pump with TC440 controller.
OSAKA TS443 is a liquid-handling pump equipment built for the needs of laboratory researchers. It is a high-precision, large-displacement, motor-driven pump system. OSAKA TS 443 consists of a mainframe, a pumphead, a motor, and touch panel with essential safety features. The pump is designed to provide users with high pressure and flow features in one single unit. It has an integrated digital control unit which allows for precise and accurate pressure and flow control. The machine provides an intuitive control interface and includes built-in load sensing and speed control capabilities. The two-stage displacement design enables an adjustable maximum displacement capacity of up to 680 ml/min, up to a maximum pressure of 400 bar. The entire tool is constructed according to the highest standards of ISO9001. The pump is cleanable and features a replaceable sealing material. Its polished steel casing is resistant to corrosion and wear, and is also resistant to high pressures of up to 400 bar. Its robust design ensures a long life span. The asset also has built-in safety features which prevent hazardous conditions, for example, by preventing back cycling of the pump head. All components of TS443 have been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. The motor has been optimized for high torque and low noise operation. The pumphead, motor, and mainframe assembly is designed for easy maintenance and repair. Easily accessible ports for airflow, fluid, and data connectivity allow for quick installation, setup, and maintenance. Overall, TS 443 is a reliable and efficient pump, perfect for a variety of laboratory needs. Its powerful displacement and digitally regulated pressure and flow capabilities ensure precise and accurate control of liquid-handling processes. Its robust and durable construction ensures a long life span and optimal safety features make it an ideal choice for laboratory professionals.
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