Used OSAKA TS443 #9064299 for sale

ID: 9064299
Turbo pump.
OSAKA TS443 is an industrial pump designed for use in various industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and food processing. OSAKA TS 443 is constructed from stainless steel to offer maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance. This heavy-duty pump is designed to withstand extreme temperature and pressure while pumping various fluids and fluids under extreme conditions. TS443 offers superior reliability and robustness, featuring horizontal single-stage construction with flanged suction and discharge ports, designed to allow for the easy installation and replacement of parts and sections. TS 443 features non-metallic inserts to enhance performance and reduce wear, and the closed-impeller construction allows for high efficiency, maximum flow, and low noise levels. The impeller itself is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. OSAKA TS443 is equipped with a precision-engineered mechanical shaft seal that allows for the pump to handle higher pressures, making it well suited for handling highly viscous fluids. The inlet and outlet ports are designed with a non-return clapper valve for a positive seal and OSAKA TS 443 has a built-in pressure-control switch that prevents dangerous pressure build-ups. To ensure greater pump life and efficient performance, TS443 comes with a choice of lubrication systems, including bearing alternative oils, grease, and oil-dipping. TS 443 is also equipped with an easy-to-operate priming and vacuum valves, making it easier to manage. It also offers a wide range of maintenance components, as well as normal maintenance parts to reduce downtimes, helping the pump last longer. Overall, OSAKA TS443 is a reliable, durable, and efficient pump that can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Its corrosion and abrasion resistance, robust construction, and superior reliability make OSAKA TS 443 ideal for pumping the most challenging fluids and liquids.
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