Used PEERLESS TUF #9093132 for sale

ID: 9093132
Fire pump.
PEERLESS TUF (Thermoplastic Urethane Filtration) is a range of rotary positive displacement (PD) pumps designed and manufactured by PEERLESS Pump Company. These pumps are widely used in filtration and the water and wastewater treatment industries. With a strong design for durability and reliability, TUF pumps have been trusted to handle heavy-duty filtration applications for years. The pump is built with an internal configuration which takes advantage of fluid dynamics. The patented, adjustable multi-chamber design increases volumetric efficiency, self-priming capability, and the ability to run dry or cavitate without damage. As such, PEERLESS TUF is capable of handling a wide variety of liquids, from solutions to sludges. TUF has a corrosion-resistant pump housing which is NSF- approved and constructed from thermoplastic urethane. This material has excellent strength, flexibility, and strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for tough, abrasive applications. The efficiently designed flow passage minimizes cavitation and parts erosion, and minimizes maintenance costs. PEERLESS TUF has a built-in mechanical seal to protect against damage caused by changes in external conditions. TUF is designed with a high-efficiency motor, which optimizes its performance. This high-efficiency motor, combined with an adjustable multi-chamber design, provides a large flow rate in a comprehensive range of filtration applications. This range includes low head, medium flow applications, and high head, low flow pumping. PEERLESS TUF also comes with manual or fully-automated options, allowing for complete control of the filtration process. TUF pumps come in different sizes and power ratings, ranging from 1 HP to 10 HP. They come with reliable, low-speed motor technology which allows for smooth operations and elimination of noise. In addition, PEERLESS TUF is compliant with most industry standards such as UL, NSF, and CE, making it a reliable choice for a variety of filtration applications. Overall, TUF pumps are reliable, durable and efficient. With its corrosion-resistant pump housing, adjustable multi-chamber design, and high-efficiency motor, PEERLESS TUF is the ideal pump for a range of heavy-duty filtration applications.
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