Used PENGUIN M-1/14 #124741 for sale

ID: 124741
Vertical pumps Wet material: CPVC HP: 1/15 Inlet: 0.75" Outlet: 0.5" RPM: 3,000 / 2,500 Power requirements: 115V, 2.1A, 50/60Hz, 1-phase.
PENGUIN M-1/14 is a medium flow, positive displacement, rotary lobe pump engineered for industrial applications. The pump is designed with pull-apart technology, and comes equipped with a wide variety of features to enable reliable and efficient operation. PENGUIN M-1/14 is well-suited to medium flow applications requiring up to 40 bar pressure capabilities. This heavy-duty pump is powered by a 1.5kW 225/m power motor and is capable of pumping up to 640 liters per minute. It is equipped with two-speed gear box, allowing for optimum flow, pressure, and power consumption. The lobe pump pump pull-apart technology allows for easy maintenance and servicing, reducing downtime andlowering maintenance costs. Furthermore, the pump's design enables rapid parts replacement, enabling shorter downtime and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, PENGUIN M-1/14 is service-friendly with its large removable access panels. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, PENGUIN M-1/14 is engineered with a high precision wear-resistant material, resulting in extended service life and reliable performance. The results of this material engineering make the pump capable of withstanding harsh environments, such as those found in corrosive and abrasive applications. In addition to its durable engineering, PENGUIN M-1/14 is equipped with two stages of in-line filtration, properly sized suction and discharge connections, a liquid-filled pressure rating, and an array of primary safety features. Furthermore, the pump comes with overload protection to reduce the possibility of motor overheating and failure of internal components. Overall, PENGUIN M-1/14 is a dependable and reliable medium flow, positive displacement, rotary lobe pump designed to withstand harsh, abrasive conditions. Its pull-apart design allows for quick and easy maintenance and servicing, while its precision wear-resistant material engineers long-term reliability. Equipped with a wide variety of features, PENGUIN M-1/14 is the ideal choice for applications requiring consistent performance, reliable operation, and reduced maintenance costs.
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