Used PENGUIN P-3 #124648 for sale

ID: 124648
Vertical pumps Wet material: CPVC HP: 7.5 Inlet: 2.5" Outlet: 1.5" RPM: 3,495 / 2,905 Power requirements: 208-230/460V, 50/60Hz, 3-phase.
PENGUIN P-3 pump is a high-performance centrifugal pump designed for use in a variety of deep-well applications. This model is constructed with robust construction materials such as cast iron, 316 stainless steel, and PVC for longevity and reliability. P-3 pump is capable of producing flows of up to 200 gallons per minute at a head of up to 180 feet. This range of performance is supported by a centrifugal impeller, which is designed to ensure optimal performance in both pressure and lift conditions. In addition, PENGUIN P-3 features a heavy-duty bronze shaft and hardened alloy steel seals for increased durability and longevity. P-3 pump also includes several advanced features that enhance usability. First, this model includes an adjustable pressure control to ensure a steady and reliable output across the entire range of performance. This feature helps prevent damage and maximize efficiency. Secondly, PENGUIN P-3 has a built-in suction strainer to help capture large particles and debris from entering the system. Lastly, P-3 is driven by a powerful electric motor, which produces a maximum power output of 1.5 horsepower at a maximum speed of 9,000 rpm, providing for powerful and efficient performance. PENGUIN P-3 pump provides a number of useful features and benefits to its users. Thanks to its robust construction, this model is particularly well-suited to high-stress, deep-well applications, while its adjustable pressure setting and built-in strainer give a degree of control and reliability. Additionally, the impeller design and powerful electric motor allow for efficient and dependable performance, making P-3 an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient deep-well pump.
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