Used PENGUIN P-6A #124663 for sale

ID: 124663
Vertical pump Wet material: PVDF HP: 5 Inlet: 2" Outlet: 1.5" RPM: 3,450 Power requirements: 208-230/460V, 50/60Hz, 3-phase.
PENGUIN P-6A is a centrifugal pump developed and manufactured by PENGUIN Pump Co., Inc., a leader in the pump industry. It is designed for industrial applications and offers high stability, reliability and efficiency. The pump is designed for use with liquids of both low and high viscosities, as well as a variety of applications including industrial and marine. P-6A pump features a rugged stainless steel construction, ideal for a variety of challenging environments. It also features an efficient single-phase motor and an increased axial loads due to its advanced Roller Bearing Design. The pump is also equipped with a unique seal system that provides excellent pressure control and a compact footprint. PENGUIN P-6A pump is capable of providing a flow rate of up to 280 GPM (1076LPM) in the 50hz version and 350 GPM (1324LPM) in the 60hz version. It is designed for use with liquids of low to high viscosities, as well as higher pressures. P-6A pump is available with a custom designed impeller, allowing for optimal performance. The pump can also be equipped with an optional storage tank to help increase efficiency. PENGUIN P-6A pump is perfect for a variety of industrial applications and offers simple operation, as well as a highly reliable performance. The pump is equipped with an overload protection, a thermal overload protection and can be fitted with an optional pressure switch for automatic operation. The pump also has an easy installation and maintenance process, with no need for additional tools or parts. Overall, P-6A is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective pump, designed to provide high performance in a variety of industrial applications. With its robust and durable construction, the pump will provide excellent service for a long time. Its compact size and efficiency make it an ideal choice for industrial and marine applications.
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