Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS 162-353 #9085520 for sale

ID: 9085520
Vacuum pump AEG AMEB 63 FY2R3 Q4 DUO 1.5A 110V.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS 162-353 pump is a high-performance rotary vane vacuum pump that is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. The pump is designed to provide up to 30 m3/h of pumping speed, while operating at a quiet 60 dB(A) noise level. BALZERS 162-353 is a direct drive equipment, which eliminates the need for a pulley, belt and gearbox, resulting in a more reliable and efficient system. PFEIFFER 162-353 is also equipped with a built-in oil mist eliminator, ensuring the unit does not become contaminated. The efficient direct drive and oil mist eliminator, along with a temperature range of -20 °C (+4 °F) to +75 °C (+167 °F), allow 162-353 to handle a wide range of industrial applications. PFEIFFER / BALZERS 162-353 is constructed of high-grade materials, such as steel, aluminum and high-quality seals, to ensure it stands up to tough industrial applications. It is built with an integrated cooling machine that helps dissipate heat from the pump while in operation. The pump has an automatic oil changes management tool that tracks oil usage and automatically prewarns the user when it is time to change the oil. The pump is also fitted with a monitoring asset that enables users to monitor the total operating hours and number of starts. All of these systems combine to help ensure BALZERS 162-353 is running optimally in a variety of conditions. PFEIFFER 162-353 offers a wide range of vacuum levels, with an ultimate pressure as low as 0.75 Torr. Its maximum foreline pressure is 1 atmosphere, making it perfect for many specialized vacuum applications. 162-353 comes with a comprehensive two year warranty. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you've invested in a reliable and high-performance product. In short, PFEIFFER / BALZERS 162-353 is an efficient and reliable rotary vane vacuum pump, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. It offers a high level of performance, with quiet operation and low energy consumption. The integrated cooling, automatic oil management, and monitoring systems combined with an excellent warranty make it a solid investment for any industrial operation.
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