Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS CombeLine WU #164056 for sale

ID: 164056
Roots pumping station.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS CombeLine WU is a turbo molecular vacuum pump designed to provide a range of high performance capabilities and increased efficiency in industrial production applications. The pump is ideal for low and medium vacuum operations with a low cost of ownership, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications. BALZERS CombeLine WU pump works by creating a pressure reduction through the spinning of numerous blades to create a stationary compression wave. The Compression Wave pushes the molecules of the vacuum into a confined space, reducing the pressure of the environment. This process is highly efficient, allowing the pump to reach required process pressures in a shorter timeline than traditional vacuum pumps. PFEIFFER CombeLine WU features a wide range of advantages and features. The pump is designed to be used in applications requiring high-vacuum performance, with an ultimate vacuum of 2x10-5 mbar. In addition, CombeLine WU pump has a range of cooling options, including an Oil or Dry cooling system, to help ensure an optimal cooling of the pump components. PFEIFFER / BALZERS CombeLine WU pump also offers a wide range of capabilities, from low to medium vacuum operations in applications such as process heaters and ovens. The pump is designed for dynamic operation, meaning that the velocity profile is optimized for a wide range of operating pressures. This feature allows the user to achieve high levels of process stability in harsh environment conditions. In addition, BALZERS CombeLine WU pump features a robust electronic control system. This system accurately controls the speed and pressure of the pump, allowing the user to achieve the highest levels of performance and control the process conditions. PFEIFFER CombeLine WU pump offers a wide range of benefits to users in a variety of applications. The pump is designed to provide high levels of performance, reliability and efficiency in industrial production applications. The compact and lightweight construction, coupled with a wide range of cooling options, make CombeLine WU pump an ideal choice for a variety of industrial vacuum operations.
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