Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS DBP 050-4 #140293 for sale

DBP 050-4
ID: 140293
Dry vacuum pump SIEMENS motor.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS DBP 050-4 is a diaphragm pump designed for use in various applications including industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and laboratory settings. This pump features a polypropylene wetted parts design and is capable of pumping up to 0.25 gpm (1 LPM) of liquids. Its polypropylene body and PVC diaphragm construction provides for a robust and durable design that meets stringent industrial requirements. The pump utilizes a 3-phase motor and features a built-in safety stop switch to prevent against running dry and/or bearing failure. It also features an integrated manual override that allows for manual operation in the event of electrical failure. BALZERS DBP 050-4 is designed with an adjustable pressure range of 0.2-2.5 bar and can handle pressures up to 7.5 bar. Its insulated running parts ensure a long lifetime of operation and minimal maintenance. The motor is situated external to the valve unit to boost the longevity of the pump and prevent any contamination within the valve. The pump utilizes a combined connection, ball valve, slide throttle, regulating valve and non-return valve, making it easy to access and adjust as needed. PFEIFFER DBP 050-4 can handle a variety of liquids from under-pressure to above-pressure applications and is capable of pumping viscous liquids as well. Its design provides for the flexibility to handle both simple and complex industrial processes. It boasts excellent energy efficiency with its multi-stage design, helping reduce electricity costs. Additionally, it is designed for quiet operation, making it ideal for industrial environments where loud noises need to be kept to a minimum. In conclusion, DBP 050-4 is a robust and effective diaphragm pump for industrial, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. Boasting a long lifetime of operation and excellent energy efficiency, this reliable pump utilizes a polypropylene body and PVC diaphragm and a 3-phase motor to provide a consistent, reliable operation. Its combined connection, integrated safety stop switch, manual override and insulated running parts are just a few of the elements that make it a great solution for a variety of application needs.
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