Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS DUO 30A #9094956 for sale

ID: 9094956
Pump Part No:PK D27 606 Displacement: 267 CMH (2) Stages Oil type: H/C or PFPE Inlet Connection: ISO100 Cooling: Air 7.5kW, 380/415V, 3 phase.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS DUO 30A by BALZERS Vacuum is a compact, high performance, dry pumping unit specially designed for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. The pumping unit is designed for vibration-free operation and ultra-quiet operation, making it a highly efficient, energy-saving choice for industrial and research applications. BALZERS DUO 30A is used for pumping a variety of gases including nitrogen, argon, ammonia, and others. It features two integrated types of pumps for gas compression, which are combined in a single compact sealed disc unit. PFEIFFER DUO 30A utilizes a single stator-loaded two-stage rotary pump combined with a Roots-type blower with an integrated gearbox. This combination of pumps creates a reliable and efficient operation. This ensures that the pumping unit is economical and dependable with inert gas at pumping speeds of up to 30 m³/h. DUO 30A features a mechanical inlet valve that serves to protect the pumping unit from recompression of hot vapors. Moreover, the pump is designed with two-speed operation, allowing for flexible operation with automatic adjustment to match different operating conditions. The integrated, highly efficient oil mist separator prevents the pumping unit from ingesting oil mist and protects the mechanical components from long-term oil mist damage. Furthermore, PFEIFFER / BALZERS DUO 30A is equipped with a frequency controller and servo motor that ensure precise control of the rotary pump. This allows for precise speed regulation at all times to maintain optimal performance of the pump. BALZERS DUO 30A is certified according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, meeting all the strict safety and environmental standards. The robust design and outstanding performance of this unit make it an ideal choice for applications that require consistent, reliable, and efficient performance.
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