Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS DUO 65/MC #9069503 for sale

ID: 9069503
Wet pump, 5 mTorr.
BALZERS DUO 65/MC is an oil sealed roots-type vacuum pump with pumping speeds of up to 65 m3/hour. It features an advanced, reliable and maintenance free design, providing maximum uptime and efficiency in the most demanding vacuum applications. The Duo 65/MC pump operates based on a two-stage, rotary, roots-type design that uses an external rotor drive motor. This allows for a compact design with a low profile, making it ideal for applications with tight space requirements. The Duo 65/MC is able to reach ultimate pressures of up to 0.8 mbar, making it suitable for many vacuum processes and applications. The advance design of the Duo 65/MC pump enables it to run with minimal vibration and noise levels, ensuring a maintained working atmosphere and keeping the environment safe. This makes it perfect for applications where noise is a concern. The compact design and lightweight construction of the Duo 65/MC make it easy to install and maintain, with all parts and components being readily accessible. This provides total convenience for users. The DUO 65/MC also features a smart vacuum controller for total control and safety during use. The controller offers an integrated temperature sensor that ensures the optimal operating parameters of the vacuum system, even when external conditions change. The Duo 65/MC also boasts an efficient and reliable operation regardless of gas load and temperature rise. Both the energy efficiency and maintenance costs of the pump are further enhanced due to the integrated oil and air filters. This ensures that the pump will last for many years and is capable of pumping a wide range of materials and contaminants. Finally, the DUO 65/MC is fully compliant with all safety and environmental requirements, ensuring that users can be sure of a safe and reliable pumping solution. With its combination of reliability, performance and convenience, PFEIFFER DUO 65/MC is a great choice for various vacuum applications.
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