Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U #9094562 for sale

ID: 9094562
Vintage: 2010
Turbo pump Pumping Speed, N2: 1900 L/s ISO-F flange: DN 250, 3P PM P04 144A Controller: TC 1200 PB; PM C01 812 B Input: 120/220V, 10A Output: 400V, 5A, 0 - 6630Hz Cooling water: yes 2010 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is a rotary piston pump that delivers precise gas and vapor pumping speed. It is designed for ultimate performance, designed to provide a broad range of flow ranges with excellent performance throughout the full pressure range. It is ideal for a variety of industrial applications where high pumping speeds and precisions are needed. BALZERS HiPace 2300U pump is available in a four-stage design, with a pressure range of one to five Torr. It is also able to deliver up to 150cfm of pumping speed, while providing for excellent pumping of light or heavy gas loads. With a pumping speed of 0.5cfm, the pump is capable of achieving precise pressure control. PFEIFFER HiPace 2300U features great performance to control the pumping of a variety of gases, and it helps to maintain the highest possible levels of performance for the user. It features an intuitive controller for easy operation and a robust metal body that helps to reduce noise levels. HiPace 2300U also provides a wide range of features for long-term reliability. It is equipped with a pressure sensing device and cooling and intelligent motor control features to reduce noise and vibration. It can also use an integrated energy management system that helps to reduce energy costs. Also, a patented vacuum leak detector helps to prevent gas leakages and protect the pump from any damages. Thanks to the robust metal body, PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is resistant to corrosion and can operate in extreme temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. It also features oil-free operation that helps eliminate the need for regular maintenance and service intervals. BALZERS HiPace 2300U pump is a reliable, high performing pump for a variety of industrial applications. It features precise gas and vapor pumping speed and is highly efficient when it comes to delivering a broad range of flow ranges. It is easy to operate, with an intuitive controller and features oil-free operation, long-term reliability, and a patented vacuum leak detector.
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