Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U #9094565 for sale

ID: 9094565
Vintage: 2010
Turbo pump Pumping Speed, N2: 1900 L/s ISO-F flange: DN 250, 3P PM P04 144A Controller: TC 1200 PB; PM C01 812 B Input: 120/220V, 10A Output: 400V, 5A, 0 - 6630Hz Cooling water: yes 2010 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is a versatile, high speed, foreline vacuum pump designed to meet the most demanding requirements in sophisticated processes. It is designed for ultrafast operation, achieving evacuation speeds of up to 2300 l/s and a base pressure of down to 1 mbar. BALZERS HiPace 2300U features an advanced motor design that enables it to run nearly three times faster than a standard motorized pump, thus consuming approximately the same or less power as other pumps with lower performance capabilities, making it a very energy-efficient choice. PFEIFFER HiPace 2300U is built with a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure, making it resistant to corrosion and heavy duty wear. It features a robust stationary design, eliminating vibration to ensure long service and protection against thermal risks. It operates smoothly and quietly with minimal noise, thanks to an integrated, reflective insulation system. The motor-independent control makes the pump well-suited for automation, while an integrated RS232 connection provides easy connection and control from both the console and offsite computers. HiPace 2300U boasts low parts consumption and maintenance-friendly features, such as a quick and easy oil-change procedure, as well as a top access oil drain that allows for easy and safe maintenance. Additionally, the pump is able to maintain a stable oil pressure, helping to prevent oil by-pass and pump degradation. With built-in sensors monitoring the high vacuum level, the pump is able to maintain accuracy within the preset range and avoid oil losses due to oil cavitation. Overall, PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is an efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain foreline pump, designed for superior performance. It is well-suited for the most demanding and sophisticated industrial processes, offering quick evacuation times and high energy-efficiency. Its unique construction, advanced motor design and integrated automation features make it a reliable and durable, long-term investment.
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