Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U #9094573 for sale

ID: 9094573
Vintage: 2010
Turbo pump Pumping Speed, N2: 1900 L/s ISO-F flange: DN 250, 3P PM P04 144A Controller: TC 1200 PB; PM C01 812 B Input: 120/220V, 10A Output: 400V, 5A, 0 - 6630Hz Cooling water: yes 2010 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is a ultra-high vacuum (UHV) mechanical pump which provides an excellent pumping solution for industrial processes that require very low pressure. This industrial pump is suitable for the widest range of applications and offers outstanding performance and reliability. BALZERS HiPace 2300U features a power-optimized design; the hermetically sealed pump delivers exceptionally high pumping speeds with a low noise level, making it the ideal choice for applications in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical, and cryogenics industry. PFEIFFER HiPace 2300U features a robust stainless steel housing, ensuring a safe operating environment. A dynamically balanced rotor is used to reduce vibration and extend service life. This pump operates at a maximum speed of 24,000 rpm and has a pumping speed of 44m³/hour for nitrogen and 9.2m³/hour for hydrogen. It is resistant to contamination, including hydrocarbons, and features excellent vapor-handling capabilities. The pump has a high compression ratio, allowing for a variety of process applications. It has a built-in pressure control with an effective operating range from 1x10-4 mbar to 1x10-5 mbar. The advanced sealing material used in the desired process maintains a secure seal in all operating conditions. The efficient operation of HiPace 2300U enables the longest possible operating time through the use of High Inertia Motors and heavy lifters. The unit features an advanced safety system with an automatic shut-off in case of overloads or overheating. The built-in surveillance electronics provides a simple monitoring and control of the pump status and running conditions. Additionally, a long maintenance-free operation is provided due to the high service life characteristics. PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is an efficient and reliable UHV industrial pump which provides the highest results in a variety of processes. It ensures a secure and low maintenance operational environment, while providing optimum performance for a wide range of applications.
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