Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U #9094575 for sale

ID: 9094575
Vintage: 2010
Turbo pump Pumping Speed, N2: 1900 L/s ISO-F flange: DN 250, 3P PM P04 144A Controller: TC 1200 PB; PM C01 812 B Input: 120/220V, 10A Output: 400V, 5A, 0 - 6630Hz Cooling water: yes 2010 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is a high-performance rotary vane pump that is commonly used in a range of industrial, laboratory and research operating environments. This has powerful features and advanced technology which makes it one of the best pumps in its category. The heart of BALZERS HiPace 2300U is its advanced, high speed 2-pole motor. This motor offers superior performance, low noise and efficient operation, allowing the pump to be used continuously without interruption. The nominal pressure that can be generated reaches up to 0.100 mbar, which is almost twice that of other pumps in its class. In addition to its power and efficiency, PFEIFFER HiPace 2300U also offers enhanced safety features to protect both the pump and its users. These include an integrated overload protection system, adjustable temperature limits for the motor, and temperature monitoring. HiPace 2300U also features a variety of connections and mounting options, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into existing systems. This includes the ability to connect directly to a central supply line and link up to two other pumps. All connections are rated to appropriately handle the high pressures and flow rates, and the pump is also compatible with a variety of different liquids. PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U offers lower vibration levels than other similar pumps, resulting in less wear and tear on the system. It is also compact and lightweight, allowing it to easily fit within and be transported between production lines. Furthermore, the pump features a high quality ceramic shaft seal, a long service life and a variety of replaceable components. Coupled with BALZERS PumpWorks software, BALZERS HiPace 2300U offers a powerful and versatile pump package for all your industrial, research and laboratory needs.
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