Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U #9094577 for sale

ID: 9094577
Vintage: 2010
Turbo pump Pumping Speed, N2: 1900 L/s ISO-F flange: DN 250, 3P PM P04 144A Controller: TC 1200 PB; PM C01 812 B Input: 120/220V, 10A Output: 400V, 5A, 0 - 6630Hz Cooling water: yes 2010 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U is an advanced high performance pumping unit that operates using the latest turbo molecular pumping technology. It is designed to precisely control a wide range of process parameters including vacuum pressure, temperature, rotation speed, and pumping speed in order to provide utmost precision and exceptional performance. This advanced vacuum pumping solution is ideal for analyzers, analytical instruments or other processes requiring advanced vacuum control. BALZERS HiPace 2300U incorporates a newly developed, highly efficient DO-2 compressor ring and vanes. This configuration optimizes the pumping speed and reduces the power requirement during operation. The three phase motor provides stable and dependable performance, with a peak power of 11kW and a continuous power of 6kW. This makes PFEIFFER HiPace 2300U ideal for demanding applications such as process analysis, vacuum processes, process engineering, and high-speed analytical measurements. HiPace 2300U provides reliable operation over a range of vacuum pressures from 2.0 x 10-6 to 2.0 x 10-3 mbar. The pumping speed of the unit is up to 217 m3/hr and with the optional turbo feedthrough it can reach up to 630 m3/hr. The built-in peak power limitation provides additional safety during operation. The combined motor and controller feature enable precise speed control and the user friendly display helps to effectively and accurately manage the pumping parameters. PFEIFFER / BALZERS HiPace 2300U also features an electronic temperature protection system that automatically reduces the speed in case of temperature overload. The controller is equipped with a stage sequencer which can be programmed to adjust the speed according to the throughput required. This makes the pump suitable for applications requiring accuracy and optimum process control. Moreover, the maintenance of the unit is kept to a minimum, since the compressor ring and vane designs make cleaning and regular maintenance easy and hassle-free. The robust construction and sophisticated design of BALZERS HiPace 2300U make it a reliable and highly efficient pump. It is compact in size, supports a wide range of pressure fluctuations and is ideal for applications that require process control and high performance. PFEIFFER HiPace 2300U provides reliable and dependable operation through advanced technology and unparalleled process control.
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