Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1600PC #177213 for sale

TMH 1600PC
ID: 177213
Turbo vacuum pump with controller and link cable.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1600PC is a turbomolecular pump specifically designed for turbo pumping and molecular speed operations. It is highly reliable, offering superior performance in all operating conditions. BALZERS TMH 1600PC is an especially robust and durable pump, built to last in extreme conditions. Its rotating parts are constructed from a single-piece housing and rotor assembly, designed to withstand the rigors of turbo pumping. This one-piece design uses precision-machined features, ensuring optimal performance. The motor is a direct current brushless motor, rated for 1.6kW and capable of a maximum speed at 10,000rpm. The pumping plant operates in two stages of low to medium pressure, with a maximum of 6.7×10-4millibar (mbar) at 50 Hertz (Hz). This is suitable for operation at up to about 10 mbar (mbar). The pump has a maximum throughput rate of 2.6 litres per minute (L/min). In addition, it is capable of reaching a vacuum level of 7×10-5mbar while pumping. The pump is equipped with a gas ballast valve and integrated safety systems. The gas ballast valve helps to protect the rotor from excessive wear and tear, while the safety system helps to prevent overtemperature or other hazardous conditions. The internal vent filter helps to protect the pump against dust or dirt, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency. PFEIFFER TMH 1600PC is also equipped with a high-cycle electronic speed controller. This controller allows for adjustable speeds, so the user can easily adjust the pump's operation depending on the specific requirements of the process. Overall, TMH 1600PC pump is an efficient and reliable vibration-free high vacuum pump suitable for use in numerous applications. It is the perfect choice for industries such as the semiconductor industry, laboratories, or chemical processing.
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