Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601 #124373 for sale

TMH 1601
ID: 124373
Turbo vacuum pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601 is an advanced turbomolecular high vacuum (TMHV) pump designed for use in a wide variety of critical vacuum applications. BALZERS TMH 1601 features a direct drive motor, which eliminates the need for a separate drive system and provides unparalleled energy efficiency. Its cutting-edge design allows for maximum pumping speed and optimized gas throughput. PFEIFFER TMH 1601 also offers a wide range of pumping speeds and is capable of achieving a deep roughing to low base vacuum levels. TMH 1601 features a two-stage compression system that utilizes a carbon graphite impregnated bearing technology for superior durability and performance. This advanced technology helps eliminate problems associated with cavity leakage and wear, allowing for an extended service life and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601 utilizes BALZERS direct current (DC) brushless motor technology and a dual line-frequency alternating current (AC) power supply. This combination provides the reliable, precise control required for the most precise, exact vacuum applications. Furthermore, BALZERS TMH 1601 utilizes a variable frequency operation for optimum consistency. This allows the user to adjust the frequency of the pump's operation in order to optimize the pump's performance and energy efficiency. PFEIFFER TMH 1601 is also equipped with an air-cooled compressor, which helps reduce additional noise and dissipation of heat from the unit. This device also features PFEIFFER advanced sealing technology to keep the pump's interior functioning at an optimal state. Overall, TMH 1601 is a powerful, reliable, and energy efficient turbomolecular high vacuum pump. This device offers advanced technology to ensure superior performance, extended service life, and low maintenance requirements. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601 has been engineered to be reliable and efficient, and is ideal for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.
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