Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601P #124374 for sale

TMH 1601P
ID: 124374
Turbo vacuum pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601P is a low-vacuum diaphragm pump designed specifically for laboratory and production applications, where low ultimate pressures, high pumping speeds, and minimal vibration are required. It features easy installation, low maintenance, and long-term reliability, and is capable of pumping specific gas types at a lowest pressure of 10-4 mbar. BALZERS TMH 1601P runs off a three phase electrical supply, with a power input of 3300 watts. It has a nominal pumping speed of 180,000 liters per hour, with a maximum throughput of 180 m3/h for non-corrosive gases, and 140 m3/h for corroded gases like H2O. The maximum outlet pressure is 0.1 mbar, with a maximum operating temperature of 80˚C. The pump has an oil-free, maintenance-free, patented OerlikonBALZERS oil-free drive mechanism, that works by using a hermetically sealed, oil-free chamber. The chamber contains ceramic diaphragms, which are actuated by the ejector blades that adjust the speed of the diaphragm motion. This design eliminates problems associated with traditional pumps such as wear issues, vibration, and noise due to air cushioning. PFEIFFER TMH 1601P also features a high-efficiency three-stage lobe blower, which provides a low vibration and a noise rating of less than 60 dB at a distance of 3m. It contains a 5 part polymer case construction, with maintenance-free operation and long-term reliability based on robust construction, OerlikonPFEIFFER lubricated bearings, and a high-capacity filter package. TMH 1601P is designed for safe and reliable vacuum production. It has a modular and modular construction so that it can easily be retrofitted with a range of accessories for different applications, such as pressure gauges for pressure analysis, flow meters to control the pumping speed, and a mechanical booster to increase the pumping speed. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601P provides a cost-effective solution to low-vacuum diaphragm pumps.
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