Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601PCHT #124376 for sale

ID: 124376
Turbo vacuum pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601PCHT is a powerful pump used for a variety of industrial applications. BALZERS TMH 1601PCHT is a two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane pump. It is a mechanical pump meaning that its motion is driven by a rotating mechanical member, in this case being the vane rotor. The two stages are split by a centrifugal separator which separates the heavier oil vapour from the finer air vapour. This helps to reduce the contamination risk and helps to create an extremely tight vacuum system. The pump is designed with a cast aluminium construction which provides it with improved strength and lower vibration during operation. Its precision-machined parts help to achieve a very high pumping speed. It features a gas ballast and a gas inlet to allow for vaporised gases to be pumped in some cases. The gas ballast valve helps to reduce the amount of oil vapour entering the inlet side of the pump by bypassing a certain volume of gases to the atmosphere or an exhaust system. It has an anti-suck back valve which allows for the gradual release of vacuum reliable operation. PFEIFFER TMH 1601PCHT's suction is self-priming and can take up to a maximum suction of 0.75 bar. It has a large range of flow rates, from 0.1 m3/hr at low pressure levels up to 5.2 m3/hr at higher pressure levels which helps to meet various requirements for industrial processes. Its noise level is low and is optimised to reduce maintenance costs and to increase service life. TMH 1601PCHT is designed for applications which require either a clean filter, high pumping speed, or both vacuum and technology, such as applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries as well as many other industries which require precise vacuum levels. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 1601PCHT is also designed to maximise safety for the user. It comes with various protection systems, such as a fail-safe position switch or start/stop switch as well as an emergency stop button. It also features a cooling fan to help counteract the amount of heat generated during operation for better safety. Overall, BALZERS TMH 1601PCHT is an excellent pump with strong performance capabilities and various features to make operation easier and safer.
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