Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 261 PXS #9083465 for sale

ID: 9083465
Vintage: 2005
Turbo pumps 2005 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 261 PXS is an advanced, high-performance turbo molecular pump designed for a wide variety of applications in the scientific and industrial vacuum markets. This efficient, robust and reliable device is exclusively developed for tribo-pumping applications, where maximal pumping speed is of primary importance. BALZERS TMH 261 PXS features an innovative design that incorporates a robust hermetically sealed bearing package with a centrally mounted scroll rotor, providing significant advantages in durability and ease of maintenance over traditional centrifugal designs. PFEIFFER TMH 261 PXS is an integrated pumping system for demanding high-vacuum applications. This single-stage pump has a large displacement of 16.3m³/h at a rotational speed of 10,000 rpm, enabling it to deliver a maximum pumping speed of 98.5 l/s. It is vertically mounted and has a direct drive motor, resulting in a compact and lightweight unit that is ideally suited for demanding low-vacuum applications. The unit is equipped with an integrated cooling system for efficient operation and high performance. TMH 261 PXS is engineered to handle diverse process gases with a wide range of pressures, offering excellent performance over the entire pressure range for both gas and air. Its balanced design offers stable, reliable and consistent operation even when subjected to high pumping speeds and extreme temperatures. Its construction also ensures it is fast to respond to power supply ripple and vibration, making it the ideal choice for demanding laboratory and industrial operations. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 261 PXS is designed with several safety features to provide superior reliability and protection. It is fitted with an automatic motor protection device, a vacuum current limit and an electronic overload device, among other features. This ensures that the pump operates safely and consistently over its entire working lifetime. BALZERS TMH 261 PXS also offers a wide variety of optional accessories to further enhance its performance and efficiency. These include gas ballast valves, fast start solenoid valves, and liquid nitrogen traps to reduce water condensation. Overall, PFEIFFER TMH 261 PXS is an advanced and reliable turbo molecular pump, designed to deliver superior performance and reliability in challenging applications. Its rugged construction, integrated cooling system, and wide range of safety features make TMH 261 PXS the perfect choice for industrial and laboratory applications in which speed and efficiency are essential.
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