Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 520 #124364 for sale

TMH 520
ID: 124364
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 520 is an oil-sealed rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump designed for large-scale industrial applications. Its robust design makes it well-suited for high-vacuum applications such as vacuum metallurgy, the creation of glass fiber, and vacuum packaging. Featuring a horizontally split housing made of steel and cast iron, BALZERS TMH 520 is an economical and space-saving alternative to large Turbomolecular pumps. PFEIFFER TMH 520 utilizes a rotary vane principle, meaning that vanes, or blades, rotate within the pump chamber to generate and compress the gas, creating vacuum. The pump has an advanced rotor design that allows for efficient air compression and reduced vibration. The pump is lubricated using oil, ensuring that all components remain operational and functional. TMH 520 is a robust pump, capable of reaching an ultimate vacuum of 0.5 mbar, able to handle a free-air capacity of 85 m3/h, and able to work continuously at an inlet pressure of 0.1 mbar. The pump also features a reliable mechanical seal, protecting it against any potential lubricant contamination. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 520 can be connected to the process directly, or via a vacuum line. It can be controlled using either manual or electrical valves, and is equipped with an inert gas operation gas ballast, which can be used to reduce oil vapour when using gas-dependent processes. For maintenance, BALZERS TMH 520 can be opened with a flange-clamp, allowing easy access to the interior components and allowing for quick repairs and maintenance. Overall, PFEIFFER TMH 520 is an economical, space-saving, and high-performance industrial-grade pump. Its advanced design ensures efficient vacuum generation and long-lasting operation, making it a great choice for any industrial application requiring a reliable, high-performance vacuum pump.
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