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TMH 521
ID: 9094731
Turbo pump TC600 Turbo Pump Controller included Inlet Flange: DN 160 ISO-K Outlet Flange: DN 25 ISO-K / G 1/4" Venting Connection: G 1/8" Rotational Speed: 50000 l/min Final Pressure w/Backing Pump: < 5 mbar Compression Ratio: N2: > 1012 He: 5 x 107 H2: 5 x 106 Volume Flow Rate: N2: 500 l/s He: 500 l/s H2: 480 l/s.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH 521 is a turbo molecular pump designed for high vacuum applications. The pump features a rugged stainless steel pump body and flexible aluminum flanges to ensure resistance even in harsh operating conditions. Its interior consists of a radial bearing and two sets of rotors, the top rotor is the drive rotor and the bottom rotor is the pumping rotor. The two rotors are connected to a motor and are set in motion to create the pumping action. On the inlet side, the gas enters the pumping chamber and is accelerated by the rotor's motion. As the gas moves through the pumping chamber, its velocity is further increased. The pumped gas is then exited on the outlet side along a straight pipe until it reaches the vacuum equipment. BALZERS TMH 521 is a low-noise and high-efficiency turbo molecular pump with a maximum pumping speed of 420 liters/second at a background pressure level of 10-6 mbar. It is equipped with a built-in bypass valve to automatically divert the vacuum system to another pump when its working pressure exceeds the maximum allowable level. The pump is designed with the possibility to interchange the rotor for a higher or lower speed operation. To adjust the rotation speed of the rotor, an electronic speed controller is provided. Furthermore, a backstreaming protection is integrated to prevent particles from entering the vacuum unit. PFEIFFER TMH 521 is suitable for mounting on any standard UHV machine. Its advanced design and exceptional performance characteristics make it an ideal pump for many high-vacuum applications. The low noise level and high performance of the pump guarantee excellent operation and long lifetime in demanding conditions. It is also very easy to maintain thanks to its non-contact construction and replaceable parts. With TMH 521, users will benefit from superior vacuum performance and reliable operation.
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