Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMH/U-260 #179457 for sale

ID: 179457
Turbo pump.
BALZERS TMH/U-260 is a powerful and reliable turbo molecular pump used for achieving ultra-high vacuum levels. This type of abrasion-free pump uses a radial, electromagnetic bearing drive system to create a rotating axial flow and achieve a high pumping speed. This pump is made of several components, including a rotor and stator. The rotor is composed of several blades arranged in a star pattern, while the stator is composed of parallel slots where the guard plates are fixed. A rotor is also held in place by guard plates that are positioned between the stator and the rotor. The magnetic bearing drive works by sending electrical power to the stator and rotor, to produce a strong electromagnetic field between the two components. This magnetic field creates a gradient of force between the two components, which maintains the rotor's stability during its operation. As the stator rotates, vacuum draws gas molecules into the pump, which are then driven outward by the rotating blades of the rotor. Due to the extremely high-speed of the TMH/U-260 and its overall efficiency, it can produce very high vacuum levels with little noise and vibration. The main advantage of the TMH/U-260 is its powerful pumping speed, which is 250 L/s for H. This provides the pump with a powerful and reliable method for achieving ultra high vacuum without the need for additional components. The use of an electromagnetic bearing drive system also helps to reduce noise and vibration, as well as increase the overall efficiency of the pump. In addition, the TMH/U-260 is easy to maintain and assemble due to its housing consisting of only a few parts. The pump is also extremely reliable, as it is made of durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and PTFE. As a result, it is great for applications that require a very high vacuum pressure. The TMH/U-260 offers a cost-effective way to achieve maximum performance in both ultra-high vacuum applications and industrial processes.
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