Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 064 #9094732 for sale

TMU 064
ID: 9094732
Turbo molecular pump Inlet Flange: DN 63 CF 8 Pin Connector Volume Flow Rate (l/s): N2: 30 He: 40 H2: 20 Compression Ratio: N2: > 109 He: 7 x 104 H2: 4 x 103 Max. Fore-Vacuum Pressure (mbar): N2: 14 He: 10 H2: 6 Max. Gas Throughput (mbar l/s):: N2: 1.1 He: 1.5 H2: 1 Lubricant: TL 011.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 064 is a precision pumping unit designed for use in a large range of industrial processes and applications. The unit is capable of delivering multiple pumping speeds with a maximum pressure head of up to 25 mbar. It is constructed from durable stainless steel and has been designed to deliver long-term reliability and dependability in even the harshest industrial environments. The primary piece of the pump is the drive motor which is responsible for the creation of speed. The motor consists of a balanced three-phase motor housed in a separate casing which is then connected by a shaft to a reduction gear unit. This is where the motor speed is changed in order to achieve a desired pumping speed. The motor is then connected to the oil-free, multi-stage pump block. The unique design of BALZERS TMU 064 ensures minimal running noise because of advanced vibration damping and acoustic enclosure. This makes it ideal for use even in the most noise-sensitive work environments. The unit has full protection from overload and over-temperature, making it safe to be used in production scenarios. PFEIFFER TMU 064 is an economical solution for pumping needs, with an efficiency of up to 96%. It also has a built-in turbo pump which can be used in special processes to boost the vacuum level. The wide range of accessories and controllers make it suitable for a large number of applications, from laboratory use to large industrial projects. In conclusion, TMU 064 is the ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial processes. Its robust construction, high performance and low noise levels make it a great choice for a number of applications. With its adjustable speed and pressure, it can be easily configured for each individual job requirement.
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